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NEW Cruzee UltraLite Air Balance Bike

by JetBlack SALE
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Cruzee UltraLite Air Balance Bike Some kids are always going to be a bit more serious about their bike riding. If your child likes to race, jump and ride off road then the Cruzee Ultralite Air Balance Bike is for them. The Cruzee Ultralite Air has all the features of a Cruzee Balance Bike but ships with the Ultralite Air Wheels. The same high quality materials that make the Cruzee bike so durable go into these performance aluminium wheels. With our Cruzee Balance Bike frame, this combo provides strength and increased rigidity while allowing for adjustments in tire pressure, traction and riding comfort. These are the wheels you need for heavier children or for for advanced off-road riding. The total weight of is only 2.17kg so still significantly lighter than most balance bikes. Remember, these are serious tyres, which require maintenance. The air pressure needs to be kept at the desired level and checked for flats regularly. These are great maintenance skills for any aspiring off road champion to be exposed too. Cruzee UltraLite Air wheels Aircraft grade aluminum rims CNC machined anodized aluminum hubs with laser engraved Cruzee logo Pneumatic all-terrain adventure tires Stainless steel axles and sealed cartridge bearings Although the Cruzee Ultralite Air has no training wheels, it’s brilliantly simple to ride. Your little rider easily learns the basics of balancing, while their feet rest safely on the integrated footrests.A Lifelong Journey The Cruzee Ultralite Air was designed to grow with your child. It was built to be ridden at 18 months and adjusts to keep up with them until 5 years oldTake Your Cruzee Everywhere Although not quite as light as the original Cruzee. The Ultralite Air is still lighter than most Balance Bikes on the market. Children can easily lift and carry their Ultralite Air. The seat and handle bars are easy to adjust as your child grows. You and your child will love your Cruzee from day one. Cruzee’s have been designed to ensure safety, comfort and most of all fun. It will survive wherever your child chooses to leave it for the night.

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