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Kule Balance Bike

by Kule
Price $189.00
Kule Kids Balance bike is one of the lightest, simplest and safest kids bikes in the world. The Kule Balance Bike was designed using some well thought out engineering processes that resulted in a ridiculously light weight bike that will shock any parent the first time they pick the Kule up. This allows enhanced maneuverability and enables your child to have complete control whilst riding. The Kule Balance bike is the ultimate first bike for learning the skills to ride without the fear of falling off. Your child will have the confidence of being able to touch the ground as they learn to ride allowing them to focus completely on improving their balance by taking the pedals out of the equation. These bikes are super light weighting in at an outstanding1.93KG/4.2 LB. We use an aircraft grade aluminium, which adds to the overall strength of the bike. The bike is also anodized keeping it rust free. We use high quality sealed bearings in the wheels along with -flat free composite tires for the full maintenance free experience. Kule Bikes have a large range of adjustability to fit your child from 60cm to 125cm.

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